CodeTune Update

Version 1.0.15 is now available for beta testing.  Version 1.0.13 to 1.0.15 brings:

profiling of services, elevated processes
help on website, link through from product
when highlighting new source, bring in focus, again
clear of log clears also headers
default filter is set to all columns and case-insenstive
make function names non-editable
Python integration of EventLibrary through ctypes for better Python version support
CodeTune works only on 64-bit machines but will remain capable of profiling 32-bit and 64-bit processes

Get the beta here:

CodeTune 1.0.15 BETA Portable Version

Filename : (6,090,543 bytes)
MD5: EE5C4DD094DF23D1B8C93F65962B589
SHA1: A41C85268E7982DA8AE7F755C1EA1D79985D3

CodeTune 1.0.15 BETA Installer

Filename : CodeTune-1.0.15-win64.exe (4,842,316 bytes)
MD5: 65D488CD7B47A522E2AB1DD948BDB43
SHA1: 7D6599969FBD1E77CD92E4C3FF6912C23475438F

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