Code Tune is a GUI-based performance analysis tool, also called a profiler.

Key features:

  • Capable of analyzing running processes and spawning new processes with a given environment.
  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit targets. On 64-bit, WoW64-processes can be profiled with the 32- and 64-bit versions.
  • Control the start and stop of the sampling processes through the Code Tune C API.
  • Source code for building a light-weight Python wrapper for the Code Tune API, pre-built .pyd’s for Python 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 part of the distribution.
  • Call stack sampling: tracks caller-callee relationships and shows them using a call graph.
  • Identification of the hot path: the path through the call stack graph where the dominant part of the time is spent.
  • Multi-threading aware: combine data for all threads or view data for a single thread.
  • Export all collected data into text based formats for analysis in other tools.
  • Easily show the source code of the profiled code.
  • Browse through samples, measure time spent in cycles on the CPU.

Download the latest beta of Code Tune (1.0.15) from this page: Code Tune 1.0.15 BETA

Download the latest stable release of Code Tune here:

Code Tune 1.0.13 (32-bit) (portable edition in zip archive) (6,967,841 bytes)
Code Tune 1.0.13 (32-bit) (installer) (5,566,093 bytes)
Code Tune 1.0.13 (64-bit) (portable edition in zip archive) (8,037,685 bytes)
Code Tune 1.0.13 (64-bit) (installer) (6,288,227 bytes)


Filename : (6967841)
MD5: C3C7BB3430CADDA4C249F0617E6B3AEE
SHA1: 17EECB7594AA1998FBCEAA6C3AC942826D1B10B0

Filename : CodeTune-1.0.13-win32.exe (5566093)
MD5: 1B523D106D94C446DF7B5A1D194F67CB
SHA1: DD2EED40DE3720A2D676D593DAE9E8B5D4245

Filename : (8037685)
MD5: E9F3C16CF4EEC2BCDDAC022462AD628
SHA1: FE5B5E56D124B10321271E553E637E6974425F

Filename : CodeTune-1.0.13-win32-amd64.exe (6288227)
MD5: 9041E17EAEDDEBF72511A902AC375B
SHA1: 86C355A39727191F7FC249581CAEF69932D8E

Screenshot of CodeTune (1.0.9) in action:

Older CodeTune releases can be found in the CodeTune Archive section